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Pitchfork Music Festival 2014

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It turns out mourning isn’t on as predictable a path as one of those tacos marauding its way through your body.

5 Ridiculous Lies You Probably Believe About Psychology

#4. People Do Not Grieve in Five Stages

The five stages are something one lone psychiatrist came up with in the 1960s for a book she was writing. There’s no evidence for it; it’s just something she thought she observed … while watching people in a completely different situation.

Here, ask yourself: Is there a stage that seems to be missing here? Well, how about the one where you yearn for the person to be alive again? As in, the emotion you actually feel the most after someone dies? Well, it’s not there because the five stages weren’t supposed to apply to people mourning the loss of others — they are emotions the terminally ill express when facing their own deaths.

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Brian Eno in the studio circa 1980

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The iPod, like the Walkman cassette player before it, allows us to listen to our music wherever we want. Previously, recording technology had unlinked music from the concert hall, the café, and the saloon, but now music can always be carried with us. Michael Bull, who has written frequently about the impact of the Walkman and the iPod, points out that we often use devices to ‘aestheticize urban space.’ We carry our own soundtrack with us wherever we go, and the world around us is overlaid with our music. Our whole life becomes a movie, and we can alter the score for it over and over again: one minute it’s a tragedy, and the next it’s an action film. Energetic, dreamy, or ominous and dark: everyone has their own private movie going on in their heads, and no two are the same….Theodor Adorno… called this situation ‘accompanied solitude,’ a situation where we might be alone, but we have the ability via music to create the illusion that we are not.

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the making of Fantastic Mr Fox - photo by Ray Lewis

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G. Kero - Bowie Shirt

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Photos of Cimitero Monumentale di Staglieno, Genoa, Italy. These statues are on the cover of Joy Division's Closer and Love Will Tear Us Apart (single).



Terminal 5 | NY | 02/26/14

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St. Vincent @ The Met, 8/25/11
Photographed by Alin Tolea

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'A 60 Second Guide to Learning the Awful Truth About Yourself' by David Wong


This won’t take but a minute, and I promise this won’t be a waste of your time. It’s three steps…
Step 1: Get out a pen and paper. You don’t need much, an old receipt or something. Write down, in just a few words, what you did yesterday. Leave out the sleeping, eating, pooping, etc. And be…


The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014

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